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The basic requirements for starting a Ciclovía Recreativa are the following:

Advocacy Coalition

This is a group of citizens interested in the program that advocate for its implementation before local authorities.  Among its functions are to solicit the local government for the implementation of the program and to communicate with and gain the support and involvement of leaders of diverse social groups (universities, unions, businesses, chambers of commerce, religious groups).  Its membership can be drawn from the following sectors: transport, tourism, health, commerce, private business, academia or recreation and sports.


Political Will of the Mayor or Governor

The connection to and support of the local or state government is essential for the implementation of the program.  What is more, it is they who will provide the resources for the founding and operation of the program.


Map of Vía RecreActiva of Guadalajara (download)



Municipal Government Departments

The local government should identify the departments whose functions are related to the program.   This department will be in charge of planning, implementing and executing the program.


Project Leader

This is the person or group of people who, by technical or institutional knowledge, will be in charge of the development of the program.



In hope of guaranteeing sustainability, the Ciclovía Recreativa programs should be financed with resources from the city or town. As it is a program that benefits all citizens, it is justifiable that the implementation and maintenance of the program use public resources.  The majority of existing programs receive public funding, with the exception of the Ciclorecreovía in Santiago, Chile, which is financed though mainly private means.  The cost of the programs currently runs between US $45,000 and US $ 2,072,896 annually, including costs of operation and maintenance.


It is also suggested that you find additional income through advertising and/or partnering with sponsors, having clear guidelines about the participation of private business. These alliances can benefit everyone.



clip Guidelines for the participation of business in Muévete en Bici.



Trailers for kids donated by a private business at the Muévete en Bici in Mexico City.

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