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PHASE ONE: Planning


This phase consists of the presentation and approval of the program, the laying out of the program's route and the necessary studies for adjustment, implementation and future evaluation.

How to gain acceptance of the program

In this stage, the advocacy coalition should solicit the municipal government for approval of the program.  There are two steps in this process:

Step 1: Development and Presentation of the Proposal

The development of your proposal to the municipal government should include:

  • Letter of Support from the CUA.
  • The program and its impact at local and international levels .
  • Program objectives.
  • Timeline.
  • Budget.
  • Additional documentation to improve the understanding of the project (videos, photos, articles, factsheets).

We recommend that you choose from this document that which is most appropriate for your community.  In case your project differs from what is specified in the model, please contact the CUA for specific consultation.

Step 2: Approval of the program by the municipal government

Once the consent of the local government has been obtained, they should assign the program to a competent department and set aside resources.  This department MUST have ALL of the studies, logistic material and personnel properly prepared BEFORE initiating the program (see Development phase).  In turn, the department should be in charge of recruiting a program leader.

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