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What can I find on this web page?

This web page serves as a complement to “Ciclovía Recreativa Implementation and Advocacy Manual.”


What can I find in this manual?

This manual consists of a basic guide to the steps and processes considered essential for the planning and implementation of Ciclovías Recreativas.  It includes the following sections:

  • Phases of planning, development, and execution.
  • Tools to help evaluate and advocate for Ciclovía Recreativa, taken from the public health and transportation engineering sectors.
  • Annex of advocacy and evaluation documents for the Ciclovía Recreativa

clip Download complete copy of “Ciclovía Recreativa Implementation and Advocacy Manual.” (download)


How to read this manual

This manual is organized in a logical sequence according to steps and processes.  However, you are free to read the section that fits your needs at any given moment. 

Vía RecreActiva Guadalajara : In the boxes marked with this icon, you will find examples drawn from the experience of theVía RecreActivain Guadalajara.

: In the boxes marked with this icon, you will find examples drawn from the experience of the Ciclovíaof Bogotá.  In some cases, they will present experiences from other places with the goal of illustrating concrete situations. 


In some cases, experiences from other places will be presented in order to illustrate concrete situations.  These cases will be marked with the logos of their respective programs.

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cam Interview with Gabriel Michel, Director of the Vía RecreActiva, Guadalajara.
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